Drilling Operations ROP Optimization Software Development

In line with our vision to help our clients to survive the digital era and our mission to become clients’ first choice for digital transformation consulting, we are working on a new project to develop a software to optimize the rate of penetration (ROP) in oil and gas drilling operations.

A group of more than 20 experts in various teams are in close collaboration to form the future of oil and gas drilling operations. These teams include an academic team with members from the Sharif University of Technology, a domain expert team with extensive experience in oil and gas drilling operations, a data science team gathered from high ranked international universities located at Russia and Canada, and a software development team with the experience of executing projects in national scale, all working together to achieve one single goal, to provide our customers with the right and intelligent tool to promote their competitive advantage and to survive the tight competition.

We are delighted to announce that as a result of great team efforts, the first version of our ROP optimization software will soon be available to be deployed and commence the movement towards efficient and intelligent oil and gas drilling operations.

1/4/2022 2:36:38 PM